History of Advice Talk Radio

the demand for life adviceAdvice talk radio is part of a long tradition of celebrity advice specialists. Some appear on television, some have columns in editorials and some are talk radio hosts. Advice talk radio is typically hosted by someone with a psychology or psychiatry background because it is life advice that is being sought after. In traditional radio format, the programs are made up of statements by the host, guest interviews and calls that the host receives from the public. The portion of the program that is dedicated to receiving calls is the most important part to the listening audience, because it is their chance to connect with an industry professional for solid life advice.

Public opinion on advice talk radio varies. Some people follow their favorite advice talk radio hosts devoutly and catch every program they air in order to absorb their life wisdom. There are many people who attest to the value of advice talk radio who have had serious issues resolved or guided through the help of the program host. However, there are others who call advice talk radio programs “pop psychology,” meaning that celebrity advice figures are merely selling their brand rather than doing any real good for their listeners. People of this mindset are often harsh critics of psychology in general.

Advice talk radio programs are a free service to their listeners. Radio listeners are free to tune in to them or are free to avoid them. Naturally, those who find them useful will tune in to them and those who do not find them useful will not tune in to them. Therefore, advice talk radio programs are indeed a valuable service for those who are positively effected by them. For many, having access to an industry professional who advises on things that apply to the average listener has made a huge difference in their lives and a positive impact on their mental health.

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