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Helping You Through the Tough Questions

talk radio historyTalk radio has been around since the 1940’S. Currently, programs such as NPR and ABC News and Talk are some of the most popular on talk radio. Despite the fact that radio is no longer the hottest medium to draw in an audience, talk radio has managed to stay current and well-attended through its ability to inform, enlighten, entertain and advise its listeners. Talk radio is still respected as a good source of useful information and sound opinion.

Talk radio is a popular way of taking in news and trending information for many people. Particularly for people who like to take in the news while they are driving, talk radio is an excellent alternative to reading and watching news. Some radio news programs, such as Morning Edition and The Sean Hannity Show, are very highly acclaimed news sources.

While some programs aim to provide unbiased, objective news, other programs are known as opinion radio. Hosts such as conservative Rush Limbaugh or liberal Thom Hartmann provide the news they feel is relevant along with heavily opinionated interpretations of it. Many people prefer this kind of talk radio to straight news, usually because the views of the host represent their own.

Another popular form of talk radio is advice radio. Hosts with a psychology background, such as Bruce Williams and Amy Alkon, accept phone calls from listeners who need life advice and use their expertise to help their listeners through relationship problems, mental health issues, substance abuse and addiction and more. These programs, which predate Dr. Phil and Oprah, have a wide fan base and many followers who rely on the advice that the host dispenses.

And lastly, entertainment talk radio is a great way of staying amused at home or in a vehicle. Comedy radio and sports radio are both examples of this. Entertainment media is most often associated with television and movies as they are more immersive than radio, but some still prefer the content driven programs that are talk radio.